Happy future for Russian Kids



  • "Like a beautiful swan ..."

    Alika Tuayeva, a gifted vocalist from the North Ossetia-Alanya, a grant-holder of "The –°hildren of Russia" fund, continues the path to creative vertices. As the manager told it, the girl is not just going, but she is practically flying her dream to live in a world of songs and music.

  • 08 February 2017
    From Julia with hope

    Today our fund visited unusual benefactor. There was little girl Julia Potapova who is second-grader. She visited us with her mother and liter sister Ulyana. Julia gave all her money to Elizaveta Sentsova.

  • 08 February 2017
    Suddenly turned out to be in ... opera

    The gifted pianist Andrey Leshkin conquers all the new vertices of piano art.

  • 26 January 2017 Diamond Patterns
    Towards the amazing world

    The works began to be received for the XVIII Russian festival-contest of the young talents "Diamond panes". We invite young artists, writers, vocalists to flash with talent!


  • Charitable Fund "Children of Russia" creates and realizes programs aimed to supporting the younger generation.

  • Charitable Fund "Children of Russia" is a member of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

  • The Fund's mission is caring for the younger generation, the social and legal protection of the interests of children and teenagers.

  • The main objective of the Fund is charity, creating conditions for the harmonious development of children and teenagers, attracting them to physical education and sports.