Happy future for Russian Kids



  • 14 July 2016 My family and I
    To secure a berth to the qualifying round

    Nine families from the city Kolchugino (the Vladimir Region) competed between each other at a sporting event “My family and I”. The main aim of participants was to win, but they also found time to support each other and enjoy funny relay races.

  • 08 July 2016
    The magic song of the cooper trumpet

    One day Maxim Ilyasov, being a child, heard sounding of this instrument. Warm and soft music touched the heart of the boy and made a mark in the boy’s heart. The fund “Children of Russia” helped the boy to achieve new success.

  • 06 July 2016
    From Taganrog with new achievements!

    Young masters from Vladikavkaz continue to be leaders. They won prizes of the contest “The palette of crafts”.

  • 04 July 2016
    Dancing on the main square

    The main square of Elan-Koleno (Voronezh Region) transformed to a place of the party. There were air-balloons, clown and life-size puppets of cartoon characters. Our fund have opened new playground here.


  • Charitable Fund "Children of Russia" creates and realizes programs aimed to supporting the younger generation.

  • Charitable Fund "Children of Russia" is a member of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

  • The Fund's mission is caring for the younger generation, the social and legal protection of the interests of children and teenagers.

  • The main objective of the Fund is charity, creating conditions for the harmonious development of children and teenagers, attracting them to physical education and sports.